GidMarket took part in the annual VI Pacific Tourism Forum, where it made a report on the tourism market situation

The Government of the Primorsky Krai was preparing to hold the annual VI Pacific Tourism Forum in May 2020. Due to coronavirus restrictions it was supposed to pass online on June 16, 2020.

During the preparation of the forum a survey between main market participants was conducted. The main question was: “What topics would they like to hear and discuss on the forum?” The overwhelming majority of participants said that in the current incomprehensible situation it would be most interesting for them to get acquainted with the analytics of the market and get the most probable forecasts of its further development. Therefore, it was decided to conduct an appropriate marketing research.

The organizer asked RosBusinessConsulting (RBC) to recommend a marketing agency that had already conducted market analysis taking into account the crisis phenomena associated with the distribution of covid-19.

Due to the urgency and importance of this project, RBC advised its key partner, the GidMarket agency, which already had experience in conducting such analytics.

In addition, it was extremely important for organizer to engage the representative of the "GidMarket" company in order to present the results of the study and answer possible questions from the participants. The marketing agency manager, who oversaw this project, prepared in a short time (for the remaining few days from the date of the final report and presentation to the start of the forum). As a result, he performed quite successfully at this important international event.

The GidMarket agency presented the results of its research at the first day of the forum, which was devoted to the investment opportunities of the Far East region and ideas on anti-crisis support for tourism, digitalization of the industry and interregional cooperation. Among other things, it was announced that a separate national project will be developed for the development of domestic tourism in Russia.

As a result of this presentation, the forum participants (major travel companies, travel agencies and other market participants in this macroregion) received information vital for the survival and development of their business.