About consumer demand for dishwashing liquid

After increase in demand during the years 2012-2014 the consumption of dishwashing liquid in Russia in the following year 2015 is characterized by a recession. Therefore, in 2013, the growth rate was 6.7%, which is due to the growth of domestic production and imports of products. In 2014, the increase compared to 2013 was slightly less - 4.2%. This fact is related to the decrease in the growth rate of Russian production. In 2015, the volume of consumption of dishwashing liquids in Russia decreased by 9.7%, which is associated with decrease in imports and an increase in exports of products.

In 2016, thanks to an increase in the domestic production of dishwashing liquids, consumption began to grow yet again, the dynamics amounted to 5.8%, and consumption volume of 298.9 thousand tons.

According to the results of the first half of 2017, the consumption of dishwashing liquid in Russia continues to follow a positive trend. The growth was 4.5% compared to the corresponding period last year.