Asia leads the smartphone market both in terms of production and sales of mobile devices

Asia leads the smartphone market both in terms of production and sales of mobile devices. The region houses many smartphone makers such as Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.Samsung Electronics, Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd.Xiaomi Corporation, which hold the lion's share in the overall smartphone market. Despite the sanction to several Chinese top market companies introduced by the US government recently, China still shows leading positions on the market.

The primary vendor Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, shipped 55.8 million units in Q2/2020 and surpassed Samsung, which shipped 54.3 million units in Q2/2020. Huawei, facing the US sanctions, has been able to mitigate impacts on its international business enough to compete with Samsung; however, it lost a significant part of the market share at the end of 2020, that comprises only 16 % in the Q4, comparing with 20% at the beginning of the year.

One more problem for the Chinese smartpnone marker is tensions with Indian government, which affect the Indian market too. However, Chinese OEMs manage to increase production and customer services in the Q3/2020.For OEMs like Realme, Vivo, and Xiaomi, which focus on this market, the pandemic and governmental issues contributed to a problematic Q2/2020. Whereas Apple's overall market share rose to 21%, it showed good competing positions with market leaders. One of the reasons for such an increase in sales is the high rates of the iPhone12 model, which become the most profitable Apple device in 2020.



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