In 2017 there is a certain growth of the salmon caviar market in Russia

Most salmonids are valuable commercial fish. Active Salmon production is done not only for the sake of valuable red meat but also for the purpose of red caviar. The object of cultivation and artificial breeding is salmon, Pacific salmon, and various kinds of trout.

In many respects, the annual volume of the market is determined by the catch of salmon in current and previous years, the availability of quotas for salmon fishing and the percentage of development. In aquaculture, the market share of salmon roe is insignificant. Because of the limitations of natural resources, dynamics of the market volume are not so much dependent on effective demand but instead depend on the availability of the offer.

The results of the year 2016 have shown that the market for salmon roe was 10.5 tons. For years 2015-2016 there is an annual decrease market volume by 8.7-8.9%, before that, in 2013, a yearly increase of 10.1% was noted when compared to the data from 2012. Over the five-year period (from 2012 to 2016), the market volume of salmon caviar decreased by 7.9%.

By the end of 2017, the market volume amounted to 13.3 thousand tons, which is higher than the level of 2016 by 26.2%. The primary driver of market growth in 2017 was the effective increase of domestic production, which was the result of a successful fishing season