Russia has been recognized as the most reliable and attractive market for investors

Bank of America Merrill Lynch named Russia the most reliable and attractive upcoming market for investors.

It is known that analysts of the bank compile a report on the basis of macroeconomic data, with the inclusion of GDP dynamics, national debt size, and a budget deficit or surplus. As a result, Russia achieved a bank rating even higher than China, whose economy is also rapidly increasing. Russia has bypassed the PRC since it has less public and private debt, lower budget deficit, but at the same time a higher current account surplus.

Besides, the specialists of Bank of America Merrill Lynch noted that investors stopped fearing anti-Russian sanctions and began investing more actively in Russian business. Also, over the past two years, Russia has adjusted well to low oil prices. Because of this fact, The World Bank has recently improved the forecast for GDP and foretells that in 2018 and 2019 it will grow by 1.7% and 1.8% respectively.