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Research of the pricing and motivation system in the tire market


  • Reveal the pricing system in the Manufacturer-Distributor channel among competitors
  • Based on the data obtained, determine the market price level for comparable products of the Target Manufacturer


  • Interview with tire manufacturers and distributors using a legend
  • Geography of the survey: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine
  • Processing of field research results
  • Data visualization

Key results:

  • Determined main competitors’ market share
  • The pricing policy of the main competitors is investigated, the base prices of competitors are obtained
  • Analyzed the systems of additional motivation used by competitors
  • Compiled tables of the ratio of the average min and max prices for purchases of tires of various categories by distributors from the main competitors in comparison with the client's product
  • Presentation of research results
  • Based on the information received, client revised his own pricing system and the distributor incentive system