Marketing research

In the increasingly competitive and continuously changing market conditions, marketing research plays a significant role in updating corporate strategy and making crucial managerial decisions. Marketing research allows developing companies to solve a number of tasks:

  • To assess the market scope and market capacity

  • To study foreign economic activity (import and export)

  • To do a competitor analysis and a company market-share analysis within the industry

  • To evaluate the market situation

  • To understand market segmentation

  • To analyze consumer preferences

  • To make segmentation of consumers

  • To identify the target audience

  • To build the potential customer database and identify the —Ālients’ needs in services or goods

  • To make price analysis

  • To evaluate the factors affecting the market

  • To study the market trends

  • To make market forecasts

  • To develope recommendations for market access


Banking and insurance, production, agriculture, health care, tourism, construction, real estate, transportation, logistics, FMCG, IT and telecommunications, trade and distribution networks, HoReCa, raw materials, packaging, Internet projects, services.


Business plans

Our business plans allow to assess the economic efficiency of a project and are made according to the international UNIDO standard, which is accepted by banks and investors around the World.

To make a business plan we undertake the following steps:

  • Summary

  • Relevance of research

  • Comprehensive analysis of the industry

  • Detailed marketing planning

  • Comprehensive organizational plan

  • Production planning

  • Financial planning

  • In-depth analysis of external environmental risks

  • Financial model

Strategy Development

Marketing Strategy Development

The preparation of such a plan can be done in several stages:

  • Assessment of the enterprise's capabilities (including its strengths and weaknesses, competitive advantages, potential risks)
  • Analysis of prospective market segments. It is important to study the current supply and demand for relevant goods or services, their consumer audience, pros and cons of the direction in order to draw up a marketing strategy
  • Development of specific measures. As an example: future pricing policy, tools for product promotion, advertising campaign execution and marketing options
  • Document approval

Willing to buy a marketing strategy research? Please contact us if you expect to receive:

  • detailed description of the optimal target markets and segments
  • competent choice of the consumer audience
  • determination of the main competitive advantages
  • options for using the most effective tools for promotion